LinkedIn personalized bulk message sender – automation tool

This software is outdated and doesn’t work. Please download this one instead: Linkedin Automation Tool for Marketing: Message, Connect, Profile view

This Linkedin bot has basically two automated functions:

1) Message to Group Members: Allows you to send message (with subject and body) to ALL members of selected groups automatically.
2) Message to all your contacts/connections


* Personalized messages (replaces [FIRST_NAME] by actual name)
* Ability to Pause/Resume from last stopped point ( may be aborted by user, or by unexpected errors like browser crash)
* Simulates user interactions automatically (to avoid getting blocked by Linkedin)
* Customizable Delay + Random variation = Delay between each message sending
* Creates Logs/Reports of each message sent.
* Doesn’t disturb normal browsing activities
* Elegant Design

Recent updates
-Ability to save messages(subject and body templates) into list.
-Ability to start from given page and member index


* Google Chrome Browser
* Any OS with chrome installed

Detailed Offline Installation Instructions will be provided

Demo Video: