Linkedin connections remover allows you to increase quality of your linkedin network by removing unwanted connections in bulk. Specifiy criteria to remove connections by performing a people search on linkedin and ask the tool to remove those connections by feeding the search url (which contains filtering data) to the tool. In addition to linkedin’s people search filters you can also apply advanced filters from within the tool

More advanced filters include:

  1. Don’t remove people with more than N number connections
  2. Don’t remove people with more than N number of shared connections
  3. Don’t remove people who were active last N days

License Terms

  1. Can be used on upto 3 systems simultaneously
  2. You can re-use avaliable activation slots by deactivating existing installs (indentified by name assigned during activation) when slots are full (this page would be shown to you in activation screen)
  3. The validity is 1 year. You need to purchase again after 1 year (not a subscription)

Note: Video might be outdated as we provide regular updates