Automate twitter to boost the growth of your profile!

Auto Follow: 
The idea behind this is to follow people who might be interested in tweets you post and most probably follow you back when the see your profile.
Similar to auto profile viewer feature on GPZ Linkedin automation tools.
My favorite strategy is to find a twitter handle that posts content similar to yours and follow people who are following that handle!
This way you target people who are guarateed to be interested in your content too!
Following too many users also has a bad impression on your twitter profile. 
Use unfollower to unfollow people who are not useful to you.
For eg: you might not want to follow people who didn’t follow you back after 7 days since you followed them.
Or you might want to unfollow who didn’t engaged with your tweets at leat once
Direct Message:
 Send messages to influencers or popular twitter handles to talk about your ideas with them.
For example, you might ask a crypto expert who posts ideas on twitter and has huge followers to post a tweet about your crypto trading or alerts app
Engage: Keep engaged with other people and get noticed by the twitter community. Also apprecitate the followers who replied to your tweets by auto-liking their reply.
I’ve been very active on twitter and posting replies to peoples’ tweets and then waiting for notifications to see if someone liked or replied my comment.
So i realized how important is recognizing or appreciating someone’s efforts. Just imagine about potential results you will get from doing this ! new followers, new comments, likes, highly engaging follower base!!
Now take a look at sources from where this tool can grab data from !
Sneak peak at the options provided by auto follow and unfoow campaigns: 

Depending upon what combination you make with the campaign type and the campaign source you can do wonders to your twitter handle and grow faster than you have ever imagined!

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