Automate twitter to boost the growth of your profile!

Here are the supported sources from which it can collect data such as tweets, and profiles:

Twitter automation - sources to scrape profiles and tweets

Types of campaigns supported by this tool:

Auto Follow: 

The idea behind this is to follow people who might be interested in tweets you post and most probably follow you back when the see your profile.

Similar to auto profile viewer feature on GPZ Linkedin automation tools.

My favorite strategy is to find a twitter handle that posts content similar to yours and follow people who are following that handle!

This way you target people who are guarateed to be interested in your content too!

We have tested by following up to 300 per day without any issues, we found workarounds that alllow this tool to follow more twitter accounts than any other tool can do without annoying twitter alogorithms.

Few more filters supported by this module:

  • Do not follow accounts that are likely bot accounts (accounts that follow more than 1k accounts are likely handled by bots)
  • Skip accounts with protected tweets
  • Do not follow accounts with no profile pic
  • Skip accounts with no activity
  • Don’t follow accounts with certain keywords in profile info


Following too many users also has a bad impression on your twitter profile. 

Use unfollower to unfollow people who are not useful to you.

Keeping it simple reduces lots of headaches and also helps you measure your performance accurately by removing redundant data points

For eg: You might not want to follow people who didn’t follow you back after 7 days since you followed them.

Or you might want to unfollow who didn’t engaged with your tweets at leat once.

Direct Message:

Send personalized messages to influencers or popular twitter handles to talk about your ideas with them (only who have enabled DM)

Send personalized offers, updates, surverys, etc to your followers

Send welcome messages/gifts to your new followers to build a strong relationship

Send follow up messages to keep reminding them about the action they need to take (Did you know that most of the conversions happen on follow up messages ?)


Keep engaging with latest tweets as they are posted and get noticed by the twitter community.

Create a tweet search scanner, specify min likes, min replies and min retweets filters to match tweets that are just started growing in engagement.

Auto Like, Reply, Retweet (Like + Reply does wonders!) on new tweets found by the search scanner

Create set of random replies to post

We were able to get insane amount of profile views to our profiles and tweets by using this feature.

Just imagine about potential results you will get from doing this ! new followers, new comments, likes, highly engaging follower base!!

There are variety sources supported by this tool to pull tweets and profiles.

If you are smart engough use right combinations, you can grow your twitter account to thousands of followers!

Here is growth we acheived with one of our twitter accounts: 

Grow twitter account fast

Although the followers count is quiet less, you can see profile visits and tweet impressins are very high. Converting them to followers depends on how good your twitter profiles is

Here is the deal: We are offering this tool for free now until we get good number of users and make it smooth and stable. If you buy this now, you will be considered as contributors/beta testers and we will give you 50% discount when we make it paid.