Get leads to your business from Linkedin with GPZ Linkedin tools as follows:

How to generate leads from linkedin

  1. Search for your prospects on “Linkedin people search” or any other source of profiles. Other sources can be “Group members”, “People who reacted or commented to Linkedin post”, “List of profile urls”, “Existing connections”, etc.
  2. Create an Auto profile view campaign and configure it to view profiles from above source. This will send a linkedin notification to them that you viewed their profile. Now most of the times people out of curiosity view your profile back. Make sure that your profile has all details about your business, especially link to your website so that they can learn more about it and sign up
  3. Create an auto connect campaign, write a message template with personalization tags and configure the campaign to send to prospects from above source. Optionally, after few days you can send another profile view so that they notice you again and eventually make a decision to accept or reject your connection request.
  4. Create an auto message campaign, write a welcome message and add few more follow up messages and configure them to be sent gradually one after another with sufficient delays in between. Introduce yourself. Don’t try to sell straight away because this will make you look like spammer. Instead, describe yourself and your services/products in your profile nicely. People usually look at your profile when they receive a connection request, profile view or a message
  5. Keep viewing prospects’ profiles frequently to grab their attention. This works just like remarketing ad campaign where you keep showing your ads to people to make them remember your brand and eventually come back to you. Here your Linkedin profile plays an important role. So tweak your linkedin profile to be attractive and convey maximum information in less time



Wide range of sources to find profiles from:
  • Linkedin people search
  • Linkedin Sales navigator search
  • Group Members
  • All 1st Connections
  • Profile URLs list
  • Other campaign (Can cascade multiple campaigns together!)
  • People reacted or commented to a linkedin post
Automate connection requests
  • Send automatic connection requests to people from sources mentioned above
  • Generate personalized connection request note for each connection request from common message template with personalization tags such as [FIRST_NAME]
  • Send welcome message to new connections with auto messaging campaign
Automate messages
  • Send personalized messages to vaious sources as mentioned above.
  • Generate personalized message for each connection from common message template. Personalization tags/shortcodes supported: First name, Last name, Company Name, Location
  • Exclude people whom you have already contacted
  • Exclude people based on keywords in profile
  • Create drip campaign to send follow up messages in delayed sequence unitl you get reply
Automate Profile views
  • View profiles of other members, and attract views to your profile
  • Ability to endorse skills of the person while viewing profile
  • Export profiles viewed to csv, spreadsheet
Other useful features
  1. Powerful Campaign manager: Cascade multiple campaigns together. Retarget profiles from other campaigns, etc. Keep history of all completed campaigns seperately
  2. Real-Time progress: View and manage queue of profiles of a campaign. Current working profile is highligted in the queue as campaign progresses.
  3. Ability to edit the profile (First name, last name, etc) directly from campaign queue
  4. Bulk edit profiles by exporting the queue and importing the edited list back to the campaign queue
  5. Automated updates (no need to install updates manually)
  6. Backup and restore data: easily move the data from one system to another
  7. Manage template lists for auto-connecting and messaging
  8. Configure campaigns to run on daily basis, set limit per day, start time of day, delay between actions, etc
  9. Powerful list manager: Search people from all campaigns, edit profile fields, tagging, notes, etc
  10. Slack integration: Send notifications on new connection, new message etc.
  11. Webhook integrations: Send all activities and data to webhook such as zapier automate further
  12. Reporting: Show statistics and performance graphs of profile views, connection requests, messages, over given date range
  13. Addons: Additional tools for linkedin account maintenance. They can also be bought and used seperately.
    1. Uninviter [Free] РWithdraw pending sent connection requests older than specified number of days
    2. Connection remover [Paid] – Remove unwanted connections in bulk with advanced filters


This is a google chrome extension. So the requirements are same as that of Google chrome browser.

You don’t have to keep the linkedin page or even the chrome window open for it to work

It can run as a background process even after the browser is closed. As long as your computer is running.

If you want to run it even when your computer is OFF then you can set it up on cloud with the help of cheap windows VPS. We recommend virmach for cheap windows vps (as low as $7 per month)

Why are we different from our competitors?

  • We have an automated updating system to make bug fixes available to users within an hour or two.
  • Our tool is undetectable by linkedin, since it never injects any code into linkedin pages. It works completely isolated from linkedin.
    We have been actively collecting feedbacks from users about Linkedin behavious and adjusting the software to be compatible with requirements. Since 2015.
  • You can link between campaigns to create your own strategy
  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed (Validity 7 days). If you don’t like the software for no reason and report it within 7 days after purchase we refund you

We offer white label product

Contact us for white label enquiry.
We offer custom color, name, logo, domain name, etc according to your preferences.
You get dashboard to manage your users with sub-licensing and activation management features

Useful links

Basic user guide (old)

Advanced user guide (new)

Watch video tutorials 




Frequently asked questions

1. How can I add another Linkedin account/Does it support multiple linkedin accounts?

Basically it supports only one account per installation. But you can manage multiple accounts on same computer with the help of chrome browser profiles (called as ‘people’). Create a new user account in chrome browser and install the extension again on that account. You can also assign different proxies to different account, set up on cloud, etc. We have created how to videos with step by step instructions.

2. Do i get seperate keys for each user ?

It depends on how you want to use it.
By default you get one license key per purchase and use it for all future activations.
You can then generate sub-licenses from main license key to generate single slot license keys if you wish to have full control on user management.

Once you exceed the activations limit, you can deactivate any of the previous installations to free up the slot for new installtion.



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I like the software, very useful!

Tyler Lathrop · October 31, 2017 at 4:08 PM

Best LinkedIn marketing/sales/prospect development tool available, we use this tool to acquire almost all of our leads – and business has never been better! Thanks.

James Monteith · February 14, 2019 at 12:38 PM

Excellent software. Fair pricing. Features are updated regularly. Thanks for all you do to keep up with the updates.

William Zeev Holz Sznajder · April 6, 2019 at 2:55 PM

The guys at GPZ managed to put everything in place and now everything works wonderfully!!

Peter Brooks · August 9, 2020 at 1:17 PM

With this software, I basically “own” LinkedIn. Its extremely powerful in the right hands and has helped me a lot. I think its a great deal.

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