GPZ Linkedin tools allows you to automate various marketing activities on linkedin.

You can generate B2B leads or reach out to particular types of people on linkedin in bulk with this tool.

You can build a big network of quality people on linkedin and reap maximum benefits out of it such as popularity, traffic, sales, etc without spending much time in front of screen

You can send connections requests to prospects with personalized messages in bulk (with the help of personalization macros) and later follow up with your offerings.

It is a google chrome extension. But It doesn’t require you to keep the linkedin page or even the browser window open for it to work, it runs as a background process. You can also set it up on cloud with the help of windows vps (details at the end)

Main features

1. Auto Connection Request sending

  • Send automatic connection requests to people
  • Custom personalized proposal with First name, Last name, Company Name, Location(city) Occupation, Headline (+more) of the member.
  • Send Welcome message to new connections filtered by where did they came from, and configurable delay

2. Auto Message sending

  • Send personalized messages to your Linkedin connections
  • Custom personalized proposal with the First name, Last name, Company Name, Location(city) Occupation, Headline (+more) of the member.
  • Exclude people from other campaigns (avoid sending the same message to the same person again)
  • Exclude people based on keywords in profile
  • Create drip campaign to send messages in sequence unitl you get reply

3. Auto Profile View and Endorse

  • View profiles of other members, and attract views to your profile
  • Ability to endorse skills of the person while viewing profile
  • Export profiles viewed to csv, spreadsheet

Other useful features:

  1. Powerful Campaign manager
  2. Wide range of sources to pull profiles from: Linkedin and sales navigator search, Group Members, All Connections, Profile URLs list, Existing campaigns
  3. Real-Time progress, Logs, and campaign management
  4. Auto self-updating system
  5. Import/Export data for backup and restore
  6. Manage template lists for auto-connecting and messaging
  7. Configure campaigns to run on daily basis
  8. Export the profiles list from any campaign and import it back – Provides extended control over campaign’s data
  9. Drip messaging, Reply detection

Why are we different from our competitors?

  • We have an automated update system to provide you frequent updates with high reliability
  • Our tool is undetectable by linkedin, since it never injects any code into linkedin pages. It works completely isolated from linkedin.
  • We provide weekly updates
  • The tool has campaign management system to allow systematic workflow
  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed (Validity 7 days).

Frequently asked questions

1. Does it work on Mac OS

Ans: Yes, it works on any OS that supports Google Chrome browser. It is a Google Chrome extension (not available on chrome web store) can be installed quickly and easily

2. When sending the message again, second time how can I exclude people whom I already sent the same  message

Ans: You can exclude members who already received a copy of the same message in previous campaigns by selecting the campaigns in which you have sent the same message. This can be done section – ‘Exclude by other campaigns’

3. How can I add another Linkedin account/Does it support multiple linkedin accounts?

This can be done with the help of chrome browser profiles (termed as ‘person’). Create a new person in chrome and install the extension again on that person’s browser.

4. I have LinkedIn Sales Navigator but not Premium. Can I use Sales Navigator with your tool? Or do I need Premium??

Yes, you can use sales navigator. You don’t need to have the premium account for using sales navigator.

5. Can I use your tool with Linkedin free membership

You can, but we recommend using Premium or sales navigator because, in the free version, Linkedin limits the number of searches performed per day. which is very less.

6. Is this software cloud based ?

Its not cloud based but you can run it on cloud with the help of windows vps. We recommend virmach for cheap windows vps (as low as $7 per month)

Download user guide here (Note: user guide is for basic version. Many new features added after publishing it)

Watch video tutorials here



Blake Moody · March 1, 2017 at 7:42 PM

I like the software, very useful!

Tyler Lathrop · October 31, 2017 at 4:08 PM

Best LinkedIn marketing/sales/prospect development tool available, we use this tool to acquire almost all of our leads – and business has never been better! Thanks.

James Monteith · February 14, 2019 at 12:38 PM

Excellent software. Fair pricing. Features are updated regularly. Thanks for all you do to keep up with the updates.

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